The Book “My Prince” Offers Values of Patience, Hope, and Self-worth

The story in the book, My Prince, is a simple one of hope and love for all ages. It is about a princess who thinks about the prince she will one day meet, “I know a prince is there for me, somewhere across this distant sea, a gallant man to hold and love…”

This book is based on the old-fashioned story of love: you meet the person, fall in love, get engaged, marry, and have children. This story is told in a simple poem,
FALL IN LOVE:”I’ll talk with him and hold his hand, and stare into his eyes so grand”
GET ENGAGED: “I’ll hear him whisper in my ear, that he loves me to him I’m dear”
GET MARRIED: “all our promises we will keep”
HAVE A FAMILY: “and from our love we shall reap.”

It also teaches of having faith in what you believe in when she says “until I meet him here I sit, I can’t lose hope I cannot quit”.

This princess has no name and is illustrated as a simple line drawing with limited color. This is because she represents ANY girl of any age. All girls, especially in this society, need to hear that they have value and should see themselves as someone worth waiting for. Also, it teaches patience. Likely, they haven’t met that SPECIAL man yet, but someday they will. Until then they should live a good life and keep their eyes and hearts open. It is still valued by many young men that the young women they want to marry are pure of heart, mind, and body.

There is also a deeper story of maturity as well. The prince is “as tall and graceful as a tree”. He is grown-up, ready to make a serious commitment, an enter into a serious relationship. The prince is “gallant”, (brave, courageous, and strong) but is also “gentle”(uses good manners, is polite, courteous and kind). Boys and young men need to know that those qualities are still important to many young women and that being the tough, macho image from television isn’t really what most women want.

With so many of the books, television shows, music lyrics, movies, and other media in our culture promoting adult themes to our youth, it is refreshing to know that some books still promote old-fashioned values. Reading this book is one small way to tell your child you expect great things for them and they have value to you and should value themselves, as well.

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